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DIY Tree Maintenance & Risks

Given the cost of tree care in general and the cost associated with dealing with fallen trees and calling the local tree experts, we ask the question, is there merit for the DIY tree maintenance?

The average cost of a tree maintenance job is in or around $650 (according to some sources) this obviously depends on so many factors and taken into consideration that every job is different, you could probably argue that there is no average or none to really go on given the complexities of the job.

Known Risk

All that aside its expensive and can it be done cheaper i.e. doing-it-your-self? Well first of all there are some jobs that you cant really do without significant equipment or someone who is dam good with ropes that could reach significant heights, for example tree topping or trimming is usually left until the last minute whereby the tree in question is so big, you cant really get to it without some height for hire equipment, in that case given the cost and inconvenience, probably best to hire someone with the gear unless you can get it locally and no effort and swallow the risk.

Smaller jobs like fallen limbs that are no great risk, can be dealt with yourself but assuming one is good with managing a chainsaw and related equipment, but I guess even the most basic if tools carry risk from chainsaws to ladders to the knowledge of trimming and cutting.

Unknown Risk

The known risks are one aspect of doing a diy job in tree services, but the unknown risk is far greater such as falling limbs, health risk in using equipment, physical and personal damage to oneself in being in the wrong place at the wrong time etc. The unknown dangers are the on expected ones that you have little control over is probably the main argument for realizing that in order to do tree maintenance, even if you have some equipment, the overall risk to oneself apart from the time and effort, should be left to the professionals.

Tree care requires a lot of technique and skill as well as knowledge. Some points to keep in mind when you go pruning or trimming are tree height, width depth, equipment required and the known and unknown dangers associated with using them. The risk is high no matter how you prefer but worth weighting them up before you go chopping compare your price of time and risk against what your local tree removal services expert will charge you.


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